mardi 4 janvier 2011

Sketchtravel s'est terminé en novembre 2010

Sketchtravel is the name of an artistic experience initiated independently by illustrators Daisuke Tsutsumi (Japan) and Gerald Guerlais (France). The challenge is to share a real sketchbook with 120 A4 pages, between 62 international artists from the fields of comics, illustration, and animation. Each artist creates freely an illustration. The journey of this federative sketchbook, which took 4 years, started in October 2006 and will end in November 2010. To this day, twelve nationalities were involved. The original book will be auctioned to benefit an international charity. The proceeds of the bookstores sales of the book will be donated to an international charity too.

Cliquez sur le lien VIMEO ci-dessous pour visionner la rencontre entre Daisuke Tsutsumi et Frédéric Back.

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